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If you lose weight too quickly or if your stomach was particularly large, an apron may remain after you lose weight. A belly apron leaves a lot of skin behind, which hangs limply down like an apron due to lack of fat filling.

Such an apron can be very frustrating for those affected.

It took a lot of effort to finally lose weight and successfully reduce the size of the stomach. And then you hardly dare to look into the mirror, because this belly apron is far away from the tight, slim belly that you have dreamed of.

It is best to think about the belly apron even before the great success with the customer and to refrain from fast crash diets. With a lot of patience and plenty of exercise in the slimming time you can in most cases prevent or at least minimize the development of an abdominal apron.

But once you have the belly apron, it is almost too late for a natural breakdown of this annoying skin. In the normal way only helps to gain weight again until the stomach is thick and firm again, and then lose weight again more slowly. But this is hardly a recommendable procedure.

With small abdominal aprons, you can also try to tighten the abdominal skin with ultrasound treatments (see previous pages). This attempt is of course costly and not always successful.

Larger abdominal aprons can be surgically removed.

If one is lucky, the abdominal skin is then largely tight and the scar heals well. But it is a larger operation, which in a favourable case is associated with pain and in an unfavourable case with various potential complications and possibly an ugly result.

It is therefore best to take enough time to lose weight in your stomach and to do a lot of sport to keep the tissue elastic.

Hula hoop and various abdominal belts can help to shrink the abdominal skin during the slimming period when the fat content is reduced.

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