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Exercise is not only sports activity, but also, and above all, exercise in everyday life.

The problem with obesity has mainly arisen because we hardly have to move at all in everyday life. The work is done at the desk and paths are covered by car. In the evening you sit on the sofa to relax. In this typical daily routine, hardly any movement takes place.

Instead of moving in normal life, you have to exercise in the form of sport. Although this is a rather unnatural development, it is necessary for most people.

But at least part of the movement that the body hungers for can also be given to it through everyday movement.

As often as possible you can walk or cycle to your destination, for example for shopping. If the distance to work is too far, you can park a little further away or get off a stop earlier and walk the rest of the way.

Instead of taking the elevator, you can use the stairs. If you have to go to a very high floor and would arrive there too sweaty, you can also manage part of the ascent with the elevator. This also applies to the first training phase, if the full stair climbing would still be too strenuous for the weak fitness.

You can also move around a lot at home, because cleaning is the purest training program.

If you have a garden, you can use gardening to burn plenty of calories. And if you have a dog, you will not only make your dog happy, but also your own body by extensive walks.

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