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You can do sports alone or together with other people in a group.

It depends above all on personal preferences whether the sport is better individually or in groups. Of course, you can also have both: one part of the sports activity alone and another part together.

Apart from personal preferences, there are general advantages and disadvantages to both variants.

Individual sport

With individual sports it is nice that you are not dependent on others and do not have to wait for anyone else. You can divide the times according to your own rhythm of the day. Besides, nobody else pushes you to unreasonably excessive performance and you are not slowed down either.

Those who are surrounded by many people all day long can enjoy the peace and quiet of individual sports and experience something on their own.

But to do sport alone, you also have to motivate yourself and overcome your inner pig dog with your own drive. Many people find it difficult to exercise regularly on their own.

Group sport

On the other hand, a group helps to get up. An appointment with other people or even a fixed date is very motivating.

Many people also have much more fun when they do sports together with other people. They find it less boring and not lonely. However, not everyone enjoys these aspects. Some individualists find the company of other people particularly disturbing, because they like to be alone.

In group training there is often a trainer who guides the movements and also drives something. The trainer helps many people to get involved in sports.

Sport for two

A special form of group sport is sport for two. In pairs, the complex group dynamics and the experience of "many" people are usually eliminated. You can fully concentrate on your training partner. If you want, you can talk extensively, for example while walking or hiking. Many an individualist who avoids group-sport experiences a lot of joy when he trains together with another person from time to time.

For the effect on the body it doesn't matter whether you train alone or with others.

But if you don't find the necessary pleasure in sports, it makes sense to try other possibilities.

Variety between sport alone, in pairs and in groups can also be beneficial.

Personal trainer

If you want a particularly intensive start in sports activities, which is also optimally tailored to your personal needs, you can benefit greatly from a personal trainer.

Of course, a personal trainer is a bit more expensive than a sport alone or in a club. But the investment can be worthwhile, because you can get the best out of yourself with the personal trainer.

The personal trainer can adjust exactly to the individual performance and work out a sports program that optimally challenges without overtaxing.

Such professional support is particularly useful if you want to lose weight as effectively as possible or if you have health problems that make sports more complicated.

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