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The fact that internal abdominal fat and insulin resistance are closely related has already been described several times on this website.

Here in this chapter we will address the question of how to restore the correct effect of insulin so that the excess body fat can be broken down more easily.

The most important measure against insulin resistance is regular and extensive exercise.

You will certainly notice that movement plays an essential role in almost every measure against the thick belly. This is not because, as an author, I would like to encourage every reader to take more exercise. Rather, the human body is constructed in terms of development history to move a lot every day. Too little exercise does not correspond to human nature and therefore lack of exercise has so many undesirable consequences.

Through movement, the food energy circulating in the blood is consumed by the muscles. So you don't need insulin to lower your blood sugar level again. In addition, movement opens the fat cells for the release of fats, which are then available for movement and can be broken down. The entire energy metabolism works better again and as a result, the insulin produced by the pancreas can also work better again.

If you have insulin resistance, you should also pay attention to the carbohydrates you eat.

Because of the strong and rapid effect on blood sugar levels, foods with a high glycemic index should be avoided. In foods with a high glycemic index or a high glycemic load, the blood sugar level rises rapidly after a short time and also falls again relatively soon, which leads to ravenous appetite. The rapidly rising blood sugar level causes the pancreas to release large amounts of insulin. Foods with a high glycemic index thus promote the development and continuation of insulin resistance.

The following foods are typical examples of a high glycemic index: white bread, sugar, soft drinks.

If, on the other hand, you mainly eat carbohydrates with a low glycemic index, insulin secretion is not excessively accelerated. The body cells thank this by reacting better to the insulin present.

It is also important to reduce stress against insulin resistance.

Reduce stress << >> Hormone men

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