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There are several medications to help you lose weight.

However, these drugs cannot be lumped together, but must be considered individually in order to be able to assess them.

Thyroid hormones

Thyroid hormones can be useful and important, for example, if you suffer from hypothyroidism.

The thyroid hormones can then stimulate the metabolism and noticeably facilitate weight loss. Even depression can be alleviated if the depression is caused by an underactive thyroid.

However, the dosage of thyroid hormones must be carefully adjusted by a specialist to individual needs. Under no circumstances should thyroid hormones be used lightly without medical reason, because otherwise high blood pressure and rapid heartbeat threaten.


The hormone progesterone can also be very helpful if you suffer from a pronounced progesterone deficiency and an estrogen dominance.

Progesterone is best used in the form of a cream, but there are also capsules for internal use. Progesterone preparations must be prescribed by a doctor, for example a gynaecologist.

Appetite suppressant

The term appetite suppressant covers very different drugs. The spectrum ranges from harmless but ineffective remedies to highly effective remedies that are potentially lethal. Especially unhealthy are many Asian means, which are available over the Internet.

Among all the different appetite suppressants, there is not a single one that reliably reduces appetite and is completely harmless.

Therefore, one can unfortunately remember as a rule of thumb that it is best to keep one's hands off appetite.

Stomach filler

A number of remedies try to cope with the amount of food by filling the stomach with calorie-free substances.

These substances are often dietary fibres with a high swelling capacity, for example flea seeds.

If you can tolerate these swelling substances, you can test relatively unconcerned whether they help you lose weight.

However, many people get stomach pains, flatulence or intestinal cramps from swelling stomach fillers. It is therefore essential to try out these substances carefully and in small amounts at first.

It is applied some time before meals so that the stomach is partially filled during the meal.

You can help people whose problem is eating too much. Unfortunately, they can do nothing against the calorie-rich, small snack in between.

As an alternative to swelling stomach fillers, you can drink two glasses of water or eat a portion of salad before the meal. Both also have a stomach-filling effect and can prevent people from eating too much.


The popular laxatives have already been mentioned in the chapter on constipation.

Due to the risk of habituation and possible diarrhoea, laxatives should be avoided if possible.

Under no circumstances should laxatives be used as pure slim conveyors if there is no blockage at all.

Regular use of strong laxatives can have serious health consequences.

Simeticon preparations

Pharmacies and drugstores offer preparations with the active ingredient Simeticon to treat flatulence.

These agents help in the excretion of painful, bloated intestinal gases.

Simeticon is a relatively mild active ingredient that has a gentle but noticeable effect.


Zinc is an important trace element for the human body. The immune system does not function well enough in zinc deficiency. In addition, the production of testosterone and progesterone, among other things, is limited. Other hormones are also not produced sufficiently.

Furthermore, zinc is very important for the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Zinc can therefore help with weight loss in several ways. It strengthens hormone production and promotes metabolism.

If there is a possible zinc deficiency, zinc can be taken as a food supplement. Foods that contain a lot of zinc, for example: Red meat, soy, hard cheese, oatmeal.


L-carnitine is often praised as a kind of miracle cure for losing weight.

It can also support the weight loss project, but only under very specific conditions.

The substance L-carnitine is needed by the body to break down fat cells and build muscle cells during exercise. However, this conversion using L-carnitine only works when you move.

In addition, L-carnitine is also contained in food. If you have enough carnitine in your body, more carnitine does not help to reduce fat.

L-carnitine as a dietary supplement only makes sense if you have an L-carnitine deficiency.

Red meat is rich in L-carnitine. The body can also produce L-carnitine itself if it has enough iron, vitamin B6, vitamin B3 and vitamin C.

So someone who regularly eats red meat does not need carnitine as a food supplement. L-carnitine preparations are also of no benefit to those who do not like exercise.

Only sporty active people who eat little or no red meat can lose weight better with carnitine.

In addition, dialysis patients often have an L-carnitine deficiency and therefore need L-carnitine preparations.

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