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Some people have scarred adhesions in their abdomen.

Such adhesions are in principle like scars, but they are located inside the body and often connect different organs.

Adhesions occur after open abdominal surgery or as a result of inflammation of the abdominal organs.

People who have had an abdominal incision almost always develop more or less adhesions. The development of adhesions usually begins within hours after the operation.

Inflammations in the abdominal cavity do not always cause adhesions. But often, when there is a strong or chronic inflammation, adhesions occur. Typical inflammations that cause adhesions include ovary inflammations or gallbladder inflammations.

Adhesions are tissue strands that often extend from one organ to another. They lie in the free abdominal cavity or in the pelvis.

Normally adhesions do not cause any health problems. However, some people suffer from permanent complaints caused by adhesions. Depending on where the adhesions are located, these can be chronic digestive disorders or abdominal pain.

Sometimes the adhesions constrict the affected organs or lead to twisting, so that the organ no longer functions properly. This can lead to a life-threatening obstruction of the intestines. The fallopian tubes can be constricted by adhesions, which leads to infertility.

In abdominal surgery, adhesions can obstruct the surgeon's field of vision so that he must remove the adhesions before the actual operation can begin.

In the case of severe discomfort caused by adhesions, an extra operation to remove the adhesions is sometimes necessary. However, such operations are not always successful.

Minimally invasive operations are a good way to prevent adhesions resulting from operations. This gentle surgical technique rarely leads to adhesions.

Although adhesions can be very numerous, they usually do not play a decisive role for the abdominal girth. They are usually only thin.

Abdominal organs << >> Inner belly fat

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