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Homeopathy is a natural healing method developed by Samuel Hahnemann.

The healing method is based on the principle:

"Similia similibus curentur - similar things are cured by similar things."

In homeopathy, substances are used that cause the same symptoms in healthy people as they are supposed to cure.

In order for this to work, the agents are gradually diluted further and further. This dilution is called potency. In potency D6, the original substance is diluted six times ten times. Potency D6 is still one of the lower potencies. Up to and including D12, homeopathic remedies are also suitable for self-treatment.

Higher potencies should be prescribed by a specialist, according to the rules of classical homeopathy.

Some homeopathic remedies are suitable for the treatment of obesity and can help to make the belly slimmer.

The more factors of the description fit to one's own situation, the more suitable the respective means is. If none of the descriptions of means fits well, then one can decide for the means, which fits best or visit a homoeopath.

Calcium Carbonicum

Calcium carbonicum is a remedy that is particularly suitable for pale, overweight people.

Those affected often look swollen and have a lot of water retention. They are calm and calm, but also weak and sensitive. They are prone to exhaustion and are often ill.

All ailments are exacerbated by physical exertion and sweating. This is why people avoid exercise, even if they know that exercise could help them lose weight.

People often suffer from constipation, headaches and back pain. In women, menstruation is often very strong while they still have bleeding.

Fucus Vesiculous

Fucus vesiculosus is the bladderwrack that contains plenty of iodine. Therefore, it can stimulate the thyroid in low potencies (e.g. D1 to D3), especially if one suffers from iodine deficiency.

The patients feel constantly weak, they have low blood pressure and sometimes also a goiter on the neck. Although they eat little, they gain more and more weight.

However, Fucus vesiculosus is not suitable if you suffer from iodine allergy or hashimoto.


Graphite is suitable for overweight people who are irritable and suffer from mood swings.

The appearance of the people affected tends to be pale, but less swollen than with calcium carbonicum. Graphite grades look strong and can grip well, but they can also be a bit sluggish.

Your skin is dry and prone to tearing. As a result, they often also have eczema or ulcers.

The abdomen is often distended by chronic constipation.

The tendency to sweating is often pronounced.

Potassium Carbonicum

Potassium carbonicum is a remedy that is suitable if people tend to be overweight despite a pronounced sense of duty and strong correctness. Their desire for perfection does not help them to stay slim.

Many of those affected suffer from flatulence and constipation, so that the abdomen is raised. Oedema in the feet, hands and stomach is also common.

The tendency to insomnia promotes the development of obesity.

Obesity and possible weakness of the back muscles often lead to lumbago and other back pain.


Lachesis is a typical homeopathic remedy for menopause.

It is suitable for bright women who have strong feelings and like to talk. A typical sign is the pointing of the tip of the tongue when you concentrate. Their complexion is often red and they are often a little bloated.

Women with whom Lachesis fits often suffer from hot flushes. During the period they often have abdominal cramps.

They don't feel comfortable in tight clothes. In the morning and in hot weather their complaints are stronger than in the evening and when it is cool.

They love fresh air and feel comfortable when they move regularly.


The homeopathic remedy Thyreoidinum is obtained from the thyroid glands of sheep and calves.

In low potencies it can be used against hypothyroidism, similar to fucus vesiculosus.

The patients feel constantly weak, they have low blood pressure and sometimes also a goiter. Although they eat little, they gain more and more weight.

Thyreoidinum is not suitable if you are allergic to iodine or hashimoto.

Use of homeopathic remedies

The best way to buy the homeopathic remedy that best suits your situation is to buy it as globules or drops with D6 potency, available in the pharmacy.

Take 5 to 20 drops or globules 3 times daily.

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