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The abdominal muscles are a very desirable part of the abdomen.

In people with very little external abdominal fat, the abdominal muscles can be seen as a so-called "six-pack", provided that the abdominal muscles are strong.

Well developed abdominal muscles help, among other things, to hold the abdomen together. Thus the abdominal organs and the inner abdominal fat have less tendency to bulge forward and form a spherical belly.

The abdominal musculature is therefore important in order to bring the abdomen into a firm form.

There are numerous exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles, including the infamous crunches or sit-ups. Fitness studios also have several special machines for training the abdominal muscles.

Although the strengthening of the abdominal muscles has a very favourable influence on the firmness of the abdomen, the outer abdominal fat is not affected by it. So you can have a fat belly despite well trained abdominal muscles. The abdominal muscles are then not visible under the layer of fat.

In addition to the potentially visible muscles at the front of the abdomen, there are also internal abdominal muscles that run obliquely. These inner abdominal muscles hold the entire trunk together. You can neither feel nor see them, but they are very important for a slim waist. Modern fitness terminology also refers to core muscles (core).

When measuring the waist circumference, the abdominal muscles can easily make up a few centimetres. However, it is only a few centimetres.

These abdominal muscles do not turn a slim waist into a large waist circumference.

But while you lose weight and reduce your abdominal girth, eager abdominal muscle training could apparently slow down the success of your customers.

However, this should by no means prevent you from training your abdominal muscles, because strong abdominal muscles are very important for reaching a slim waist.

Outer abdominal fat << >> Back muscles

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