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A healthy slimming project for a slim belly takes time until a resounding success if you have a stately belly in front of you.

In the meantime, however, most belly owners do not want to be constantly annoyed about the still thick belly, but want to keep it as discreetly out of view as possible.

For this purpose, the belly can be concealed relatively well with the help of suitable clothing. These clothes may not make you look slim, but the belly as the dominant eye-catcher can be significantly reduced.

The most important basic rule to conceal the stomach is: do not put on tight clothing.

A small dress size does not necessarily look better than a larger one, on the contrary. If the belly almost seems to burst the clothes, then it becomes very clear that the belly is too thick, even if it is only a small belly.

Also belly-free clothing is naturally not suitable to hide a thick belly. Even if the belly-free top from five years ago still fits on top, it doesn't necessarily look as good as it did then.

Relatively wide clothing is much more suitable for making the protruding belly unobtrusive.

But you don't necessarily have to dress in big bags, because even that doesn't necessarily look dressed.

Cuts and accessories that distract from the stomach are helpful.

A vest, for example, helps to visually divide the large area of the abdomen and thus reduce it. Almost all types of vests are suitable for this, for example small jeans vests or long knitted vests. However, it is important that the vest remains open and is not buttoned over the stomach.

In colder weather open jackets are also well suited to make the belly inconspicuous.

Another simple trick is the narrow, long scarves that fall over the front of the stomach. They also cause an optical division of the belly.

For shirts, T-shirts, blouses and tunics, there are cuts that look cheap and others that look unfavourable with a thick belly. Sometimes the difference between good and bad lies in small details, so it is difficult to make a general recommendation.

It is particularly important that the garments in the abdominal area do not stretch, but fall loosely. Some cuts are designed in such a way that the belly underneath is hardly noticeable.

With women and tunics, however, it can easily happen that the cut fits and looks good, but the effect is the same as with a pregnant woman. This is especially the case with Empire-style tunics. Therefore, it is important to try on and critically examine the clothes before deciding to wear them.

Pressure massage << >> Belly apron

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