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Unfortunately, there is no miracle food for the fat belly. But some dietary rules can help to make the belly slim more easily.

Avoid bloating food

As already described in other chapters (see previous pages), a thick belly often consists partly of air that inflates the intestines.

Therefore one should be reserved with the typical bloating foods, e.g. cabbage and pulses. Or, if one does not want to do without it, one considers the bloating effect, if one measures his belly. In some people, wholemeal products, fruits or dairy products also have a bloating effect. Carbonated drinks can also inflate the stomach.

If you are prone to flatulence, you should eat in peace and chew your food thoroughly. With hasty food a lot of air gets into the digestive organs.

Ensure good digestion

Other chapters have also been written on constipation as a partial cause for a distended stomach (see previous pages).

When eating, you should make sure that you drink enough and eat food that is as high in volume and fibre as possible.

This means: eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. For carbohydrates, preferably use wholemeal products if they are tolerated.

Caution with phytoestrogens

Many foods contain plant hormones similar to estrogens. Some of these phytoestrogens can reinforce an existing estrogen dominance (see previous pages). Therefore one should be cautious with these phytoestrogens and only take them now and then.

In the Central European diet, beer and pomegranates are particularly affected. Soy, which also contains phytoestrogens, has a reputation for having a more balancing effect on the hormone system. Therefore, it may well be more useful than harmful.

Nutrition Tips << >> Metabolic rate

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