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It is very helpful for your health to exercise 3 times a week for half an hour. For example, this amount of sport often improves blood fat levels and the condition of the blood vessels.

However, this is very tight for losing weight, because not many calories are consumed in this short time. However, sports fans can limit themselves to three times half an hour if they pay close attention to their diet at the same time.

With more exercise, for example at least one hour 5 times a week, you can make a considerable contribution to a slim belly. A prerequisite for this is, of course, that the calories consumed are not balanced out by eating more food.

Exercise consumes fewer calories than you would normally think.

After all, the body is designed to work physically all day long with as little food energy as possible. Otherwise, survival would not have been possible in the past. But nowadays this economical energy consumption of humans has become rather a problem, in view of the abundance of supermarkets.

Not only the duration but also the intensity is decisive for the energy consumption during movement. If you move at the limits of your performance and sweat a lot, then you consume considerably more energy than if you take it easy. But for the untrained it is better not to overdo it with the intensity of the movement at the beginning, otherwise one is exhausted much too fast and also tends to injuries.

The intensity of the exercise should therefore match both the current fitness and the time available.

In order to correctly estimate calorie consumption through sport and other activities, it makes sense to know how many calories are consumed by the respective sport.

The low values in the list are achieved by performing the sport slowly and the high values by intensive exercise.

All calories refer to one hour of activity.

Running (jogging)400-1000 kcal
Fast hiking400-500 kcal
Nordic Walking400-500 kcal
Walking200-400 kcal
Cycling200-400 kcal
Swimming500-1000 kcal
Downhill-Ski400-600 kcal
Cross-country skiing500-800kcal
Riding400-550 kcal
Gymnastics400-600 kcal
Rowing500-850 kcal
Tennis500-850 kcal
Football400-700 kcal

Exercise in everyday life
Driving a car50-100 kcal
Housework360-500 kcal
Gardening200-500 kcal
Climbing stairs400-70 kcal
Dancing500-750 kcal

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