Prerequisite negative energy balance


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The basic prerequisite for reducing the belly is a negative energy balance.

A negative energy balance occurs when you eat less than you consume.

The previous chapter on the positive energy balance, explains in detail that the phenomenon of the energy balance sounds simpler than it is.

Energy consumption depends not only on the movement, but also on muscle mass, thyroid gland, basal metabolic rate and other factors.

The energy supply through food depends not only on the calories in the calorie tables, but also, for example, on whether dietary fibres can be used as carbohydrates and what the intestinal flora is like.

So it can happen that two people do the same amount of sport, eat the same food and yet one increases and the other decreases.

It is possible to find out the basal metabolic rate through medical examinations, but this is very tedious and is not normally carried out.

Ultimately, only a regular visit to the scale or measurement with a tape measure will make it clear whether the energy balance is positive or negative.

Even the body weight, which is indicated by the scale, can still hold a lot of uncertainties, because muscles are heavier than fat and if one eats salty, more water accumulates in the body.

Although it is so difficult to find out exactly whether you are actually achieving a negative energy balance, there is no way around it.

You don't have to calculate the energy balance. It is enough to know that it is necessary to eat less calories than to consume.

So it doesn't matter whether you mix or separate the food, whether you eat it in the evening or in the morning or spread it over many meals.

The important thing about eating is not to eat too much.

Of course it makes sense to eat food that is rich in vitamins, minerals and the like. But this is good for your health and not for losing weight.

What one should consider with the nutrition, so that the belly becomes smaller again.

When it comes to energy consumption, it is important to boost consumption as much as possible.

This means, among other things, movement, muscle building, treating hypothyreosis.

How to increase the basal metabolic rate is described later.

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