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The classic spare tire in the abdominal area consists primarily of subcutaneous fatty tissue.

This fat sits directly under the skin, as well as the fat on the buttocks, legs and other parts of the body.

Subcutaneous fat tissue is nowadays considered rather harmless.

How much subcutaneous fatty tissue one has depends on the one hand on the predisposition and on the other hand on an increased energy balance. The energy balance shows how many calories you consume and how much you consume. Consumption is related on the one hand to daily exercise and on the other hand to the basal metabolic rate. Therefore, energy consumption varies greatly from person to person.

Whether the subcutaneous fat prefers to accumulate on the legs or rather on the belly is probably also a question of congenital predisposition. The hormonal situation can also play a role in fat distribution.

The outer abdominal fat is the fat that can be grasped with the hands when touching the abdomen.

So if you cover your abdominal fat with your hands and are horrified to find out how much abdomen you would have, then the unwanted culprit is fat that is harmless to your health.

This fat is not meant, if one speaks of the bad danger by the thick belly.

Unfortunately, many magazine articles and even books give the wrong impression that the spare tire is the big danger. Often you also see a picture where a slim woman pinches off a centimetre of skin between two pointed fingers. This presentation in connection with warnings of health hazards from the belly is absurd.

The external abdominal fat is a purely aesthetic problem, if at all.

If the waist circumference is at the limit of the recommended values and you have plenty of outer abdominal fat, then there is definitely the possibility that you do not have too much inner abdominal fat.

A blood test of blood lipid levels can provide more detailed information.

Nevertheless, it is possible that you would like to get rid of your outer abdominal fat. Because overweight is not only a potential health problem, it can also be a visual burden.

A change in diet and plenty of exercise are the main aids in combating external abdominal fat. Through movements in the abdominal area, e.g. hula hoop or abdominal exercises, the abdomen is tightened so that it becomes not only slimmer but also crunchier.

Unfortunately, the outer abdominal fat is often particularly stubborn, as experience shows. Therefore, one needs patience on the one hand and hard nakiness on the other hand in order to successfully reduce the external abdominal fat.

It is particularly important that you slowly lose weight so that the stretched abdominal skin has enough time to shrink. Otherwise there is the danger of a so-called belly apron, which does not solve the optical problem, but only shifts.

What is inside? << >> Abdominal muscles

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