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Who suffers under his big belly, would like to get rid of him in no time at all.

But the more hasty you are, the smaller the chance that your belly will shrink permanently.

This problem is known to experienced diet holders of all crash diets, which are to provide in shortest time for a particularly strong weight reduction.

This phenomenon is also known as the yo-yo effect, because after successful weight loss, the weight rises again in a short time, usually even higher than before the diet.

But why does this yoyo effect occur?

The yoyo effect takes place because the body is so well equipped to cope with famines and not starve to death despite a lack of food.

If the body is fed considerably less food than it needs, hunger metabolism occurs after a few days.

During hunger metabolism, metabolic activity is reduced and muscles are broken down. Fat deposits are reduced to a rather small extent. You lose muscle mass above all. In addition, the internal organs are put into an economy mode so that they no longer work optimally.

The loss of muscle mass is fatal when losing weight, because the fewer muscles you have, the lower the basal metabolic rate.

The other processes of hunger metabolism also reduce the base turnover. In some cases, the basal metabolic rate is considerably reduced. Values of well below 1,000 kilocalories per day are not uncommon when strict diets are frequently carried out.

The lowered basal metabolic rate remains for some time after the end of the diet.

In addition, the appetite centre presses for as large an amount of food as possible as soon as the diet (= famine) is over.

The result is that you gain weight again extremely quickly.

The reduced basal metabolic rate makes you even heavier than before.

Who wants to let its belly grow into the gigantic, needs only a particularly strict diet to accomplish thus. Then the stomach becomes a few centimetres thicker after each diet attempt.

The hunger metabolism starts at about 500 kilocalories difference between food intake and consumption.

Without sport, most women have values below 1,300 kilocalories per day and men below 1,700 kilocalories. If you do a lot of sports, you should eat even more so as not to get into the hunger metabolism.

This means that most diet plans lead to hunger metabolism, especially those that promise rapid weight loss.

If you do not know how many calories you consume per day, you can also determine the harmful limit to hunger metabolism on the basis of your weight loss rate.

To lose one kilo of body fat, you have to save 7,000 kilocalories. If you eat 500 kilocalories less per day than you consume, you lose 500 grams per week. That's about 2 kilograms per month.

A healthy weight loss rate is therefore a maximum of 2 kg per month.

If you lose more than 2 kg per month, there is an increased risk of the yoyo effect.

For a lasting customer success one should take one's time with the removing thus.

Most people who are willing to lose weight find this more difficult than a cure of violence, but only with the necessary patience can lasting success be achieved.

This also means in practice that a temporary diet makes no sense, because after the diet everything would be back to normal.

Only a permanent change in dietary and exercise preferences is successful.

In order to keep up the new way of life permanently, it should suit personal preferences and living conditions.

Get rid << >> Energy balance

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