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An important measure for a slim belly is the avoidance of stress. This allows the level of cortisol to be lowered.

That's easy to say, but often enough it's hard enough.

A stressful life is often perceived by those affected as unavoidable. Today also does not make it easy for people to live in a relaxed way.

Fear of losing one's job, fear of increased heating costs and difficulties in interpersonal relationships are just a few examples of how people in Central Europe and North America are stressed.

A change to a less stressful life is to create, if at all, mostly only in the long term and in small steps. But it is better to gradually improve the situation in life than to suffer the stress as if you were an incapable victim.

Even the smallest change in living conditions for the better makes you feel good to have your life in your own hands.

This change can start with cleaning up your apartment or cancelling a useless subscription.

Little by little you will realize that you can shape your life more freely than you initially believed.

As long as life is stressful due to external factors, it helps to improve its handling of stress.

A very effective measure is exercise after acute stress situations.

Take a brisk walk after a stressful conversation. Or, if that is not possible, walk up and down the stairs for a few floors or move around the workplace by the open window.

Exercise helps to break down the hormones released after stressful situations, including the abdominal fat-promoting cortisol. The stress hormones are finally released to enable a fight or escape. Therefore, the body should also be given the movement that would be associated with fighting or escape.

Sports at other times of the day can also help to cope better with the consequences of stress. However, it is best to move intensively immediately after the stress situation and also to exercise regularly.

In the medium term it helps to learn relaxation techniques to go through life more calmly.

Autogenic training, meditation, Tai Chi, Qigong, progressive muscle relaxation and the like are suitable for this.

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