Alternating pressure massage by abdominal belt


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Some gyms offer the Slimbelly® system for abdominal reduction.

This system consists of abdominal belts that are inflated alternately in several chambers during training using a compressor. This creates a kind of massage effect in the area of the belt.

The idea behind this concept is that the lack of blood circulation in the abdominal area prevents slimming at this point. One notices the deficiency blood circulation by the fact that the thick belly remains cold despite sweaty trainings. If the blood circulation in the problematic zones were stimulated, it would be easier to lose weight in the abdominal area. So much for the theory.

The Slimbelly® concept is combined with regular exercise and a change in diet. The effect is proven by numerous enthusiastic customer reports and sometimes impressive customer successes in the belly area. A comparative study with participants who move and move differently, but without belts, shows a somewhat greater decrease in the abdominal area in the Slimbelly® group than in the control group. Unfortunately, however, I cannot judge to what extent this study meets scientific standards.

It is undisputed that one can lose weight in the abdominal area if one moves more and eats less.

Practice shows, however, that the abdominal belt together with its massage has a pleasant effect. The stomach is massaged soothingly, from which the digestive organs certainly benefit. You also sweat a lot under your belt and your stomach is warm after training, which indicates good blood circulation. A training session of several weeks with this abdominal belt indicates that it may help to tighten the abdomen.

The disadvantage of this treatment method is that it is offered for a fee in fitness studios. However, if you go to the gym anyway and the Slimbelly® method is offered there at a reasonable price, it is definitely worth trying for several weeks.

Electrical stimulation << >> Hide belly fat

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