Sagging abdominal muscles


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Who thinks of sport against the thick belly, usually first strenuous abdominal muscle exercises such as crunches or situps come to mind.

But to what extent are abdominal muscles and the thickness of the abdomen at all connected?

One thing is clear: abdominal muscle exercises do not help specifically against the external abdominal fat, as many hope.

Numerous studies have clearly shown that training certain parts of the body cannot cause targeted fat reduction. The fat is always broken down where the body wants it. In general, first the inner abdominal fat is reduced and then the subcutaneous fat tissue relatively evenly. Some areas, such as riding trousers on the thighs and in some people also the outer abdominal fat are particularly stubborn and resist degradation.

However, strong abdominal muscles can help to a slimmer trunk and thus also to a slimmer belly.

Inner and outer abdominal muscles hold the body together. The stronger they are, the better they can succeed. The contents of the abdomen bulge less outwards when the abdominal muscles are strong.

Strong abdominal muscles make the body's appearance significantly slimmer than with weak abdominal muscles.

As the inner abdominal muscles in particular are usually accompanied by well developed back muscles, back pain can be prevented.

Furthermore, the question arises whether strong abdominal muscles may prevent the formation of too much internal abdominal fat by holding the trunk together. The idea suggests itself, because one could imagine that not so much fat forms in the belly inside, if there is no place available. As far as I know, however, there have been no scientific studies on this issue so far.

Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to train the abdominal muscles because this results in a leaner overall impression and less back pain.

Lack of exercise << >> Stress - Cortisol

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