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Belly belts are available on the market for electrostimulation of the abdominal muscles. The principle of these abdominal belts is based on EMS, the electrical muscle stimulation. In this procedure, the abdominal muscles are stimulated by a stimulation current.

For this purpose, a broad belt is tied around the abdomen, which has several electrodes on the front of the abdomen and a small device on the outside that produces the stimulation current.

Promised is, more or less, a washboard belly without effort. This, of course, is not sustainable.

However, these belly belts have quite their justification as support against the thick belly.

It is undisputed that the stomach muscles are stimulated by the stimulation current. So there is a certain training effect, although it is not comparable to real muscle training.

Despite a certain amount of muscle training, the electric abdominal belts are not suitable for getting a slim belly with their help alone.

However, they can be used in combination with exercise and a change of diet.

For example, one can buckle on the belly belt and switch on when cycling on the exercise bike or the like. It also makes sense to use it during sports because the abdomen is sweaty and the electrodes can carry the light current better.

This also has an additional effect, namely improved blood circulation in the abdomen during exercise. In the area of the abdominal belt you sweat more and the abdomen underneath gets warm and blood flow is well. This could, possibly, promote the breakdown of fatty tissue in this area. However, this thesis has not been scientifically proven.

If the abdominal belt is used together with a change of diet, exercise and targeted abdominal muscle training, it can certainly be a help in the slim belly project.

As the only remedy against the abdomen, the abdominal belt is powerless and can have no effect.

Abdominal belts for electrostimulation are available for 20 to 50 Euros/USD.

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