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Energy balance << >> Lack of exercise

Some nutritionists believe that the choice of food determines whether or not internal abdominal fat is formed.

The main suspects are sweets and other snacks. These are quickly digestible carbohydrates with a high glycemic index and high-fat foods. These include chocolate, biscuits, potato chips, soft drinks and the like.

However, the experts have so far failed to provide more precise explanations as to why these foods of all things cause the internal abdominal fat to grow and not the subcutaneous fatty tissue.

You can, however, make your own considerations.

The typical feature of suspected foods is not only that they are particularly high in calories, but that they are usually eaten as an extra supplement to a normal diet.

They are therefore additional calories that are also quickly available to the body.

It is not surprising that the body uses this additional food to replenish its short-term reserves in the abdominal cavity.

This conclusion is however only conditionally meaningful, because also additionally eaten whole grain bread would probably be converted by the body first into the short-term memory abdominal fat.

However, the difference between high-calorie snacks and wholemeal bread lies in the saturation effect. Soft-Drinks, chips and chocolate can kill very large amounts of calories before you feel full. Wholemeal bread has a significantly faster satiating effect and is heavier in the stomach in large quantities because digestion takes longer.

Therefore the assumption is quite understandable that calorie-rich snacks promote the emergence of internal belly fat.

Those who manage to do without such snacks for the most part have come a clear step closer to the slim line.

Energy balance << >> Lack of exercise

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