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Training the abdominal muscles is very good and important for a firm belly and a slim waist.

But abdominal muscle training does not directly help to reduce abdominal fat. It is a common misconception that by training certain muscle groups, fat can preferably be reduced in this area.

But the belly is held together better by strengthened abdominal muscles. It thus appears visibly slimmer.

With abdominal muscle training, it should be noted that there are not only the central abdominal muscles in the middle, which in the ideal case can emerge as a so-called six-pack. There are also oblique abdominal muscles on the sides and abdominal muscles inside the body. These abdominal muscles should be trained just as extensively as the central muscles.

Most abdominal muscle exercises are performed on the floor. It is best to use a padded gymnastics mat.

Nowadays, so-called crunches are preferred.

In crunches, you lie on your back and put your legs up. The arms are either crossed behind the head, held loosely against the ears, crossed on the chest or stretched slightly forward.

Then the upper body is slightly raised. The abdominal muscles are naturally tensed.

Lifting the upper body is repeated several times, the shoulders remain without contact with the floor.

Depending on the level of fitness, between 10 and 30 repetitions are made per exercise series.

In a variation of the crunch exercise, stretch both arms out to one side, towards the legs, and then bend to this side. On the other hand, this exercise is also performed. This variation strengthens the oblique abdominal muscles.

Since the crunches are not quite easy and you can tense the neck or back muscles if you do them wrong, it is best to have them shown to you by an expert. This can take place during physiotherapy or in the gym, for example during a trial training session.

In the past, sit-ups were very popular, in which the upper body was completely straightened up from the lying position. In the meantime, however, this exercise has largely been abandoned because an inner muscle that connects the spine and leg bones is subjected to too much strain.

In addition, isometric exercises for the abdominal muscles can be done. To do this, simply tense the abdominal muscles without moving the torso. After a short hold of the muscle tension you should definitely relax the muscles again, because this is the only way to get good results. The muscles can then be tensed up again. It is also beneficial to alternately tighten the abdominal muscles, i.e. lower abdominal muscles, upper abdominal muscles, right side and left side.

These abdominal exercises can be done easily in between, for example while working in the office, waiting for the bus or sitting on the sofa.

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