Change of diet instead of diet


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Many people with stomach or other overweight are always on strict diets, just to eat just as well and unreasonably after the diet as before. The consequence of this is that every customer success lapses after a very short time. Usually you get even thicker than before the diet.

Diets lead thus on a long-term basis to ever more predominance. Therefore one should not carry out diets.

Instead, a permanent change in diet is called for.

But for many people the thought of a permanent change of diet is associated with fear and horror. They imagine that they will never be allowed to eat their favourite food again. But this is a mistake.

When changing your diet, you should not have to focus on anything that is very important to you. However, you should not eat high-calorie foods too often and in unlimited quantities. You have to learn to eat the calorie bombs only as a rare peculiarity. This is not easy, of course, but it is still better than not doing so at all.

For most people it is easiest and least painful to gradually change their diet. So you can gradually adopt new habits. Once you get used to something new, it is not associated with renunciation. You can also get to know new favourite dishes.

Other people manage the change in their diet better if they make a radical cut. A stay in a different environment or participation in a group can help.

Flat belly diet << >> Nutrition Tips

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