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In women, it is mostly a progesterone deficiency that promotes the development of the thick belly.

Progesterone deficiency leads to both estrogen dominance and testosterone dominance.

The estrogen dominance favours water retention and the general increase in fat.

The testosterone dominance ensures that a particularly large amount of fat accumulates in the abdominal cavity.

Both dominances can be controlled by strengthening progesterone production.

The most important measure to strengthen progesterone production is movement. Exercise not only boosts progesterone production, but also improves the general balance of hormones. This means that no matter which hormone is currently too much or too little, the situation is harmonised by movement.

Especially for women there is the so-called hormone yoga, in which selected exercises are taught, which bring the hormone production into balance. But all other sports also help to improve the hormonal situation.

As described for men, drinking enough helps the endocrine glands to work optimally.

It is also relatively important for women that they limit beer consumption as much as possible, at least if oestrogen dominance exists.

Herbal remedies can also be used to strengthen progesterone production. Especially the seeds of monk's pepper (Agnus castus) have proven themselves. Monk's pepper preparations are available in pharmacies.

The grape silver candle (Cimicifuga racemosa), which is contained in numerous herbal preparations, also helps many women. The grape silver candle is not specifically effective against progesterone deficiency, but promotes the harmonious hormone production of all female hormones.

More information about women and their hormones can be found on prevoius pages.

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