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Weight training is not a classic sport for the sake of a slim belly, apart from targeted abdominal muscle exercises.

Nevertheless, weight training should be an essential part of athletic activity if you want to have a slim belly. This applies to both men and women.

Muscles can help very well with every weight loss project.

The muscles use a lot of energy, even when you're not moving. So you can burn more calories even when sitting on the sofa if you have more muscles. The total basal metabolic rate is increased (see previous pages).

Health benefits of strong muscles

Muscles also produce numerous substances that are beneficial to health, for example to regulate blood sugar levels. Thus they can help against insulin resistance and thus also specifically against the inner abdominal fat.

Muscles also produce hormones for happiness, to harmonize sex hormone production and for more robust health. At present, about 400 substances are known to be produced by the muscles, for example the so-called myokines. These myokines help against inflammation, depression, dementia and diseases of the cardiovascular system, among others. Of many other substances produced in the muscle, it is not yet known how they work. Muscles, however, have a direct health-promoting effect. They are not pure organs of movement.

It is also very useful if you are stronger in everyday life.

How muscles grow

Regular strength training allows the muscles to grow. With 2 to 3 intensive training sessions per week you can make your muscles grow. With 1 to 2 training units per week you can maintain the muscles you currently have.

By the way, women need not be afraid that their muscles will become too visible when they do strength training. You can only become a conspicuously muscular bodybuilder if, in addition to extremely intensive training, you also take various substances that promote muscle growth. In addition, the muscles only become clearly visible when you are very slim. As long as one fights with the predominance, one does not need to have thus for several reasons fear of too large muscles.

Men aren't usually afraid of strong muscles anyway. On the contrary: they are usually happy when the muscles grow and are clearly visible at some point. Therefore, men will be pleased that their muscles grow significantly faster than the muscles of women. This is also the main reason why men usually consume more calories than women.

Strength training can be done in the gym or at home. A gym is an advantage because you have a trainer there who can help you put together an individual training plan.


When muscles grow, body weight usually increases, because muscles are significantly heavier than fat. This means that you often gain weight, although the fat is reduced and the figure becomes visibly slimmer. Therefore, it makes sense not only to weigh yourself in the muscle building phase, but also to measure yourself with the tape measure.

You should not let the weight gain caused by muscle growth annoy you, because the increase is a good sign in this case.


Regular strength training does not mean bodybuilding. Bodybuilding only begins when strength training is carried out in a targeted manner in order to have visibly large muscles.

But those who do strength training regularly can get a taste for it and start with bodybuilding.


For untrained abdominal owners, bodybuilding and other intensive strength training are associated with certain dangers.

Strength training should be approached with caution and not exaggerated.

Spontaneous overzeal can do more harm than good.

Overexertion during strength training can damage both the psyche and the body.

For example, it is important not to overstrain the joints at the beginning. Just like the muscles, the joints first have to gradually get used to the increased strain. Often it is not the strength of the muscles that limits the amount of weight used, but the resilience of the joints. If you overload your joints, you have to take a training break, which can often enough destroy the whole training effect.

Many exercises do not work even for anatomical reasons if you carry a heavy belly around with you. Weight training classics such as pushups and pull-ups are hard to achieve if you are clearly overweight. Instead, gravity storms are suitable, for example, which take over part of the body weight so that you can train pull-ups with manageable physical effort.

Also many floor exercises do not work with a big belly. Therefore, one should not be discouraged if, for example, one cannot perform all exercises correctly in group training. Discuss your problems with your trainer or ask your own common sense if no trainer can help you.

If you suffer from high blood pressure, you should be especially careful during strength training. By chiselling heavy weights, blood pressure can be increased significantly in the short term. If one exaggerates it, in rare cases a stroke or heart attack could be the result. If in doubt, use a lower weight and increase the number of repetitions.

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