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Strong back muscles are very important, especially if you have a big belly.

To keep the body upright despite a thick belly, you need strong back muscles. Otherwise, regular back pain is almost inevitable. With well developed back muscles, back pain can be effectively prevented.

Back muscles also help to lose weight because muscles consume a lot of energy, even at rest.

Back muscles are just as desired as abdominal muscles.

In many ways it makes a lot of sense to strengthen the back muscles.

But just like the abdominal muscles, strong back muscles can also contribute a few centimetres (1 in) to the waist circumference.

Good back muscles are strong bulges to the right and left of the spine.

If these muscles grow - which they should - this can seem to give the impression when measuring the waist that the waist circumference is growing.

So if you are working hard on your back, you should not be frightened if the measuring tape shows one or two centimetres (1 in) more.

Abdominal muscles << >> Edema

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