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As an alternative to liposuction, ultrasound cavitation (also called cavitation) has become very popular in recent years.

This method of treatment does not hurt and, according to the advocates, works gently and sustainably.

A special low-frequency, focused ultrasound is applied to the fat-rich problem zone. Stubborn fat pads on the belly or even riding trousers on the thighs are suitable for this.

The ultrasound should damage fat cells so that they release the fat contained in them into the bloodstream and then enter.

The first slimming successes should be visible after the first session, but for lasting success several applications have to be carried out. Lymphatic drainage should be performed after each treatment.

Since the fat from the destroyed fat cells is then available in the blood as a nutrient, the ultrasound treatment should be supported by a relatively low-calorie diet and a lot of exercise. Otherwise the fat that has been released will be deposited in another part of the body.

Cryo-Lipolysis << >> Medications

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