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Women usually gain weight especially in the area of hips, buttocks and legs.

When women get a belly, the outer abdominal fat that can be grasped with the hands usually predominates. Although this external abdominal fat can be aesthetically very disturbing, it hardly poses a threat to health.

Again, the question arises as to why women tend to get subcutaneous fat tissue and less internal abdominal fat.

This is primarily due to the fact that there must be room in a woman's belly for a pregnancy. As long as she is of childbearing age, no fat should block the space for a maturing baby.

It therefore makes sense for women to collect their food stores elsewhere, i.e. under the skin.

But how is it biologically controlled that fat in women accumulates mainly under the skin on the hips, buttocks and legs?

As with men, there are no conclusive findings about how the body does it that the fat does not accumulate so abundantly inside the belly.

However, the effect of sex hormones on fat distribution could also be investigated in women.

The estrogens are known for taking care of the typically female forms. They cause a fat distribution with emphasis on hips, buttocks and breasts.

This is why some people even consider oestrogens to be slimming hormones because they do not promote internal abdominal fat. But this view seems to be misleading, because whenever a woman has a high oestrogen level, the fat deposits increase significantly, but not in the abdomen. At least that's true of most women.

When a girl matures into a woman during puberty, her forms become rounder. This fat multiplication takes place even more strongly during pregnancy when the female body builds up food reserves for the coming lactation period.

Many women observe a similar phenomenon when they take the pill. The increased estrogens cause the forms to swell.

Many women also notice a significant increase in abdomen under the influence of oestrogen. The horrified grip on the spare tyre, however, clearly shows that it is above all outer abdominal fat. The abdomen, which sprouts under the influence of oestrogen, is thus largely harmless as far as the external abdominal fat is concerned.

Women who have particularly high levels of estrogen or low levels of progesterone, which causes estrogen dominance, tend to have more luxuriant forms and swelling fat depositss than women with sufficiently high levels of progesterone and a balanced ratio of estrogens to progesterone.

When women enter the menopause, both their hormonal situation and their body shape change.

Many women over 40 get a big belly, similar to men. In relation to hips, buttocks and legs, the belly is particularly prominent.

Because this typical belly affects women during the menopause, it is also referred to as the menopause belly.

The hormonal changes explain the development of the menopausal abdomen.

At the beginning of the menopause, the progesterone level in particular decreases, which results in a dominance of oestrogen. Therefore, many women gain weight during this time, even if they have always been slim before.

However, the testosterone level in these women does not decrease, but often even increases. Because testosterone levels increase in relation to female hormones, testosterone dominance is also relative. This testosterone dominance may exist alongside an estrogen dominance.

The women affected notice this testosterone dominance, among other things, in their beard hairs, which suddenly grow. At first it is only a few, occasional tender beard hairs, but over the years it becomes more and more, so that the woman has to shave.

At the same time, the internal abdominal fat increases in many women, making the abdomen disproportionately thicker than the rest of the body.

The growth of the belly only happens, however, if the woman gains weight. However, this often happens during the menopause.

If a woman beyond the age of 40 retains her lifestyle, i.e. eats the same amount and moves equally little, it is highly likely that she will increase.

However, women who exercise more in time and reduce the amount of food they eat can also stay slim during the menopause. Then her inner abdominal fat won't increase either. However, for most menopausal women, maintaining a slim figure becomes a difficult task that requires a change in lifestyle.

Looking back to the Stone Age, it is understandable that women also gain weight in the abdomen after their fertile years. Once they are no longer fertile, there is no need to save space for pregnancy.

As an older woman, it also makes a lot of sense from a developmental point of view to need less food. In times of shortage, older people have to make do with the leftovers, because young men and mothers need the main food.

If we as a woman suddenly gain weight during the menopause, although we don't eat more than before, then we should actually be grateful that nature has constructed us so cleverly. But this gratitude is difficult when you can't get rid of your superfluous fat deposits.

Slimming for women

Women have the advantage that most weight loss concepts have been designed according to their needs.

However, most weight loss concepts and diets are based on the wrong basic ideas.

Therefore, many women fall into a fatal vicious circle of diets and increase again and again, whereby they become thicker and thicker over the years. This effect is also called the yoyo effect.

The main reason for the yoyo effect is the fact that you want to lose weight too quickly. If you lose weight quickly, your body switches to an economy mode for bad times. Thus, losing weight is not only slower, but you gain weight again very quickly after the diet and usually get thicker than before. In view of recurring times of need, this is also very sensible, because once the famine is over, you have to build up new fat stores as quickly as possible in order to be well prepared for the next famine. Recurring diets are the famines of modern women.

Another problem of today's slimming strategies is the attempt to motivate the body to lose weight with the help of a trick, for example eating pineapple only because it contains supposedly special slimming enzymes.

Often the trick is not propagated as such, but a plausible sounding concept is constructed, which explains why one increases with normal nutrition. Only with the food composition after the concepts of Xyz a customer success can be obtained fast and durably.

Sometimes one should largely do without fats, another time without carbohydrates. Sometimes it also helps to eat proteins and carbohydrates only separately. Others rely more on whole grain, others on fish, raw food or food at certain times of the day.

If such diets are crowned with success, this is usually connected with the fact that at the bottom line clearly fewer calories are eaten than before the diet.

Although the diets for women are developed, one should not be blinded by the promises.

Only a moderate reduction in daily calorie intake is permanently effective. Both carbohydrates and fat should be reduced. This indirectly increases the proportion of proteins in the diet.

In order to get enough food and vitamins and minerals, it makes sense to eat a lot of vegetables, salad and fruit.

Drinking plenty of water supports the diet to become slimmer because it fills the stomach without calories and promotes the excretion of waste substances.

Losing weight and staying firm is almost only possible for women over the age of 30 if increased exercise is also involved. Exercise boosts energy consumption and promotes a firm body.

Because women usually have less muscle than men, they use significantly less energy. They are therefore allowed to eat less than men, which is often associated with frustration.

So that you can eat more as a woman, it helps enormously if you let your muscles grow. Strong muscles consume relatively much energy even at rest.

For the targeted building of muscles, women can either do classic strength training. Or they train their muscles during abdominal, leg and bottom training, with the Thera-band or similar sports.

Endurance training is also very important for women to reduce fat, especially on the stomach.

Most women, however, enjoy sports less with the idea of competition than with friends.

Therefore, most women enjoy being physically active with friends or a group of like-minded people.

Group courses in the gym or in the adult education centre are based on this preference, including Nordic walking groups.

If you prefer to train alone and unobserved as a woman, you can also get DVDs to join in or you can train on an exercise bike in front of the TV.

Regular exercise is just as important for long-term customer success and a slim stomach as a permanent change in diet.

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