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The tendency to the belly and its manifestation is differently pronounced with men and women.

When men gain weight, their belly gets thicker in the first place.

They also build up subcutaneous fatty tissue, but the thick belly is the first priority. With the belly it is above all the dreaded internal belly fat that grows.

So it comes that one sees relatively many men, who have a slim body but a thick belly. Even if men continue to gain weight, their belly is at the centre of the action. This is how the notorious apple shape is created.

But why does the man gain weight mainly in the abdomen?

There is still no final answer to this question, but a lot of speculation.

The meaningful reason for the thick belly with the man one suspects in the stone age.

In order to survive the long hunts to the next mammoth, the man needed short-term available fat stores. These fat stores had to be quickly refilled after successful hunting. The inside of the belly is well suited for this because the fat stores are centrally available.

Wide hips and thick legs would probably prevent a hunting man from hunting on foot. The inconspicuous strip through the undergrowth would be somewhat limited.

Of course, a very thick belly also disturbs when hunting, but most men of prehistoric times hardly had the opportunity to grow an enormously thick belly. The food reserves in the stomach were rather small.

Today's gigantic spherical bellies are therefore a development that was not intended by nature. For millions of years it was not foreseeable in human development that an abundance of food would be available for several years. Therefore, humans are programmed to accumulate more and more fat. At least that's true for most people.

If it is actually due to the Stone Age needs of men, why they mainly gain weight in the belly, the question remains how this abdominal increase is controlled in the body.

There are also numerous answers to these questions, although there is still no conclusive evidence.

It is suspected that sex hormones cause men to gain weight differently from women. After all, it is sex hormones that control most differences between men and women.

Testosterone predominates in men compared to the female hormones estrogen and progesterone. This is the main difference in hormones.

So it may be testosterone that makes men gain weight, especially in the stomach.

However, it has been found that men with testosterone deficiency tend to be overweight rather than men with normal testosterone levels. Testosterone is considered a slimming hormone for men.

But a man with a low testosterone level usually still has comparatively more testosterone than female hormones. He's still a man in hormonal terms.

The obvious theory would therefore be that it is not the tendency to fat that is promoted by testosterone, but the fact that the fat ends up mainly in the abdominal cavity.

A man with a testosterone deficiency is therefore more likely to increase than a man with normal testosterone levels because of this deficiency. But because it still has relatively high levels of testosterone compared to female hormones, it increases in the belly.

In cases of pronounced testosterone deficiency or particularly high estrogen levels, men also noticeably gain weight on their breasts and hips.

A lot of exercise and a sufficient supply of water for men to drink helps against testosterone deficiency. These two factors thus help in two respects against overweight and thus also against the thick belly.

Slimming for Men

In principle, losing weight works the same for men and women: you have to eat less than you consume.

However, in order to achieve this goal as effectively and enjoyably as possible, other strategies can help men than women.

Unfortunately, most diets and weight loss concepts are based on women, so that men often try procedures that they still enjoy losing weight with. As a result, customer success is often prevented or the men concerned fall back into old patterns of behaviour after a short time and increase again.

Men can normally lose weight much more easily than women. Their advantage is the many muscles they have compared to women. Muscles consume a lot of energy not only during movement but also at rest. Therefore, men have a higher basal metabolic rate than women. They generally consume more calories.

When men use their built-in strength for their weight loss project, it is relatively easy for them to lose weight.

Strength training is particularly suitable for strengthening the muscles. This can be done in a gym or at home with dumbbells and a range of exercises. The stronger the muscles are, the more you lose weight on your own. Endurance sports are also good for men. It not only promotes the cardiovascular system, but also consumes a lot of energy. But only a few men enjoy Nordic Walking so popular at the moment.

For many men, sports that represent a challenge or a competition are more attractive. This could be running training or cycling on a sporty road bike, for example. Many group sports are also often very enjoyable for men. Soccer certainly plays a very prominent role in this in Germany. But the movement is also very enjoyable in other team sports. However, in team sports you should be aware that you have to move extensively to support weight loss. When you're exhausted and sweaty after a game, you've usually had enough exercise.

A man's diet for losing weight can also be slightly different from that of a woman. Although a man also benefits from a low-fat salad meal, many men are unhappy when they have to eat salad too often.

Most men are more satisfied when they eat low-fat meat as their main meal, for example poultry or a juicy steak. It is better not to eat fatty meat, but there is a lot of meat that makes you full and slim. The meat does not have to be steamed gently either, but it can be grilled and seasoned just as well.

In addition to a good piece of meat, a man can also eat some vegetables or a small salad. However, it is better not to touch the complementary French fries, potato salad or pasta salad.

The intention to lose weight for men consists of challenging sports and spicy, relatively protein-rich meals.

Then losing weight is fun and you can keep up this change of lifestyle.

The belly then becomes slimmer all by itself, because when a man slims, his belly usually shrinks quickly.

Diagnosis << >> Belly of women

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