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Inner abdominal fat << >> More belly problems

If you believe articles and reports in the media, you can conclude in recent years that even a small tummy is a deadly threat.

Even at normal weight, some people are said to have so much of the harmful internal abdominal fat that they face imminent cardiac death.

But is this hysteria justified? Is the internal abdominal fat really that dangerous?

First of all, one should pause and ask oneself how things normally go with new, explosive topics.

Mostly a new topic makes a big fuss. New insights are exaggerated beyond measure. A few years later, when you know a little more about the subject, everything is put into perspective and only part of the great drama remains.

That's probably how it's gonna happen to the big belly.

At present there are several studies that clearly indicate that people with a lot of internal abdominal fat have higher blood fat levels, suffer more frequently from high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis and suffer more frequently from stroke and heart attack. The risk of cancer is also expected to increase significantly.

Overall, an increased risk of death is associated with the enlarged abdominal girth.

These are the findings of the scientist Eric J. Jacobs from Atlanta, where he conducts research for the American Cancer Society. Between 1997 and 2006 he conducted a study with 104,843 people. These people were over 50 years old, of whom 14,647 died during the study period.

With regard to the waist circumference, the researchers found that women with a waist circumference of more than 110 cm died about twice as often as women with a waist circumference of less than 75 cm. Men with a waist circumference of more than 120 cm were twice as likely to die as men with a waist circumference of less than 90 cm.

The relationship between mortality risk and waist circumference was particularly serious in this study in women of normal weight who had a big belly. So we are talking about women who are otherwise slim but have a clearly rounded belly.

Other studies have come to very similar results in recent years, which differ only in details. Again and again a connection between a large waist circumference and increased tendency to diseases is determined.

However, most studies do not clearly show whether the internal abdominal fat is actually the cause of the health hazard or whether there are common causes for both phenomena.

No matter whether the thick belly is the cause of illness or just a common symptom, a noticeably big belly is a clear alarm signal. If the abdominal girth is particularly large in relation to the rest of the body, there appears to be an increased risk of developing cardiovascular diseases or cancer.

Inner abdominal fat << >> More belly problems

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