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In recent years liposuction has become increasingly popular. During liposuction, subcutaneous fat tissue is sucked in using a thick cannula.

The idea behind it is very tempting for many belly owners. The belly fat, which one cannot get rid of through diets and sports, can be removed medically.

However, relatively expensive liposuction only makes sense under certain conditions.

First you should be aware that you can only aspirate the outer abdominal fat, not the inner one.

In addition, abdominal suction should only be considered if you have already tried everything to get rid of the belly through a change of diet and exercise.

In addition, the stomach should be disproportionately thick in relation to the rest of the body. Because it makes no sense to slim the belly through an operation if legs, buttocks, arms and other body parts remain thick.

Then you should consider that liposuction is an operation with potential side effects.

Pain or infection can occur, in rare cases even death.

The result is also not always as desired. Sometimes ugly dents are caused by uneven suction.

Ultimately, it often happens that the abdominal fat grows

Other methods << >> Cryo-Lipolysis

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