What Causes a Big Belly?


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Although there are already many indications as to what causes the internal abdominal fat to grow, one is still relatively far away from a comprehensive clarification.

New insights into the causes of the thick belly can be hoped for in a few years' time.

At present, the only option is to collect and use the knowledge gained to reduce excessive visceral fat.

In principle, the question"why does the fat belly grow" is divided into at least two questions with different answers.

One question is: "Why does the belly grow", with an emphasis on "growing".

The other question is: "Why does the belly grow especially?

The first question is easy to answer at first glance and it is the same answer that applies to the development of obesity in general: A positive energy balance causes the growth of body fat. But on closer inspection this answer is not at all that simple, which is why it will be discussed in more detail in the following pages.

The question as to why the inner abdominal fat of all things grows and not the hips is even more complex to answer. There are a number of answers and a number of probable causes. In practice, there are usually several causes for visceral fat to grow.

Tasks << >> Energy balance

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