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Further problems through the big belly

A fat stomach is not only a potential health risk for the feared deadly diseases, it also causes quite tangible problems that are obvious to everyone.

No extensive medical studies are necessary, because the health consequences of a large belly are obvious. They can considerably reduce the quality of life in some cases.

Back pain as a big belly result

If a heavy belly protrudes forward, then this is naturally a strong strain for the back, because the belly pulls forward. To stand upright, you have to oppose gravity with some force. This almost inevitably leads to tension in the back and poor posture and thus to back pain.

In some cases, the back can suffer so much from the strain from the abdomen that those affected suffer from constant back pain. Then almost every movement becomes torture, which causes the belly to grow further and further.

This is often followed by a tedious odyssey from doctor to doctor, culminating in a fruitless operation.

Instead, it would help in these cases to reduce the abdomen and do regular back training. Back training strengthens the back muscles and can then better support the spine in its tasks. Strengthened muscles also help to lose weight. This has a double effect from back training.


A very common consequence of a spherical abdomen is heartburn.

Because the belly is so big, the stomach is pressed upwards. Also the gastric input muscle can no longer close properly.

In some people, the upper part of the stomach even slips up through the diaphragm. Then one speaks of a diaphragmatic hernia, also called hiatus hernia in the medical language. Such a diaphragmatic fracture is not very bad, it often even recedes by itself when the stomach has more room downwards again. But a diaphragmatic hernia can cause increased heartburn. If the diaphragmatic hernia persists for a longer period of time, the mucous membrane of the stomach part still displaced at the top can be damaged.

However, even without a diaphragmatic hernia, heartburn can often be accompanied by a big belly.

The acidic content of the stomach rises into the oesophagus and causes pain.

This problem is not solved by taking acid blockers, but by reducing the belly.

The heartburn will then usually disappear by itself.

Heart problems - Roemheld syndrome

A belly that presses strongly upwards due to its fullness can lead to frightening heart problems.

This problem is exacerbated if you also have flatulence, i.e. your belly is even more bloated than usual. Heavy meals can also cause or aggravate the symptoms.

Because the heart is pressed from below, it no longer functions smoothly. It can lead to painful attacks, heart stumbles and palpitations.

Because of these complaints, many of those affected believe that they have angina pectoris. However, the heart is not sick at all in Roemheld syndrome, unless the person concerned also suffers from a real heart disease.

Because of the similarity of the symptoms, however, one should definitely consult a doctor if one suffers from heart complaints.

Apart from heart problems, Roemheld's syndrome can cause other symptoms such as shortness of breath, hot flashes, dizziness and anxiety.

The Roemheld syndrome feels like a dangerous and threatening disease. Those affected feel seriously ill.

However, improvement can already occur when the flatulence disappears.

If it is possible to reduce the abdomen, the various complaints of Roemheld syndrome can disappear completely.

Shortness of breath

Breathing problems can occur as part of Roemheld's syndrome or alone if you have a fat belly.

Due to the thick belly, there is not enough room for the lungs to develop.

Large meals or flatulence can exacerbate the problem.

At the slightest effort, you have to breathe quickly and heavily, as if you'd had a race behind you. Often even short stairs can become a problem.

Shortness of breath can also be caused by heart failure or lung problems. It is therefore advisable to have a doctor check whether the heart and lungs are healthy.

Regular exercise not only reduces the abdomen, but also strengthens the heart and lungs, so that shortness of breath can disappear again.

Bladder sinking - Stress incontinence

The heavy weight of a thick belly can press so hard on the lower abdominal organs that they lower themselves.

The bladder is particularly often affected. The urinary bladder is normally held in place by ligaments. If the abdomen rests too long and heavily on it, the ligaments gradually give way and the bladder lowers.

The main problem with bladder sinking is the so-called stress incontinence, also called stress incontinence.

Sudden abdominal tensions, such as coughing, sneezing or laughing, cause small amounts of urine to leak. A small amount of urine is sprayed out of the bladder due to the sudden tension without being able to prevent it with conscious tension.

Physical exertion such as lifting or jumping can also cause urine leakage.

Women in particular are affected by this type of stress incontinence because their urethra is very short.

Regular pelvic floor training helps against stress incontinence. It is also helpful if the belly becomes lighter.

Belly as an obstacle

In normal daily life, a fat belly can be quite a disturbing factor, regardless of health problems.

With a big belly it is difficult to bend down.

This makes putting on stockings and shoes a serious problem.

Even without measuring the waist circumference or using the scales, one could say as a rule of thumb: the belly is clearly too thick if you can no longer tie your shoes without difficulty.

In narrow places it can also be difficult to get through with a thick belly. Thus the belly can not only be annoying, but also lead to claustrophobia.

Belly as an aesthetic problem

For many big belly owners, the biggest problem with the belly is the visual aspect.

While the male belly used to be a sign of stateliness and success, today it stands more for failure and unattractiveness.

The man with a pot belly loses sex appeal and even at work nobody trusts him anymore. Some men manage to compensate for their stomach deficit with other trump cards, but this is often only a small consolation for them.

It's almost worse for women when their belly rounds a lot.

With wide hips and round buttocks, a woman looks particularly feminine But when the overweight concentrates on the belly, the femininity effect is over.

Above a certain abdominal girth, women are even often asked if they are pregnant. This is usually particularly embarrassing for the women concerned.

For some big belly wearers, the potential health risk or harmless health complaints are not sufficient to find sufficient motivation to lose weight. However, the aesthetic aspect could possibly give the necessary impetus to tackle the belly-path project.

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