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Like flatulence, constipation can cause the abdomen to swell without this having anything to do with abdominal fat (see previous pages).

Nevertheless, it can be helpful to correct the constipation so that the abdomen appears slimmer.

Good digestion is also associated with a more pleasant body feeling than persistent constipation.

In order for digestion to work well, you should exercise regularly. Movement is therefore also here an important aspect for achieving a slim belly.

It is also important to drink enough to prevent constipation. Because if you drink too little, the body takes the required liquid with all force from the intestinal contents, which becomes unnecessarily hard as a result.

In addition to fluid deficiency, there are other reasons that can lead to constipation.

Low-fibre food compresses the contents of the intestine to such an extent that it only moves slowly, so that it is gradually thickened more and more.

On the other hand, it helps if you eat a high-fiber diet, for example wholegrain products, fruit, vegetables and salad.

Some people can only tolerate whole grains poorly, others have problemes with fruit or some vegetables. Then, unfortunately, the selection of fibre-rich foods has to be restricted somewhat. To compensate for this, one should eat all the more of the compatible foodstuffs.

It is important that the food has the largest possible volume. When the food pulp is voluminous, it is accelerated and transported through the intestine.

There are also special foods that can speed up digestion.

Linseeds and flea seeds play a special role here.

When in contact with water, both types of seeds produce plenty of mucus. This mucus covers the food pulp so that it can glide more easily through the intestine. But not everyone can tolerate flax seed and flea seed.

Bran and other compressed dietary fibres have a different effect. On the one hand, they absorb water and thus increase their volume. They also irritate the intestinal mucosa so that the intestines work more quickly. Some people do not tolerate irritation of the intestines well and react to bran and concentrated dietary fibres with pain, cramps and flatulence. In this case one should renounce it.

There are also numerous herbal and chemical laxatives that speed up digestion. However, laxatives are not suitable for long-term use because the body gets used to them and digestion is then only possible with the help of laxatives.

Strong laxatives also often cause diarrhoea. As a result, valuable minerals and liquid are lost. Health is threatened by this. Among other things, it leads to loss of strength and susceptibility to illness.

Therefore, laxatives should only be taken in rare exceptional cases and then only in the lowest possible doses.

Flatulence << >> Water retention

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