Lack of exercise


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A lack of exercise is also considered to be the cause of too much internal abdominal fat.

There are even meaningful studies on this assumption.

For example, young, sporty men were first examined by computer tomography for the amount of their internal abdominal fat. Then they stopped their sporting activities for a few weeks. After a short time, more and more fat formed inside her belly, which was clearly shown by new computer tomographies.

It can therefore be assumed that lack of exercise causes the inner abdominal fat to grow.

So it was originally intended, because if the Stone Age man had a few days hunting break, new food reserves should form. So they were quickly ready for the next hunt.

Even if lack of exercise has been shown to increase the internal abdominal fat, lack of exercise naturally also leads to growth of the subcutaneous fatty tissue if you eat more food than you consume.

Health problems due to lack of exercise

Lack of exercise not only promotes the thick belly and excess weight, but can also have a direct negative effect on health.

People who move little usually have significantly higher blood lipid levels than when they move more.

As soon as one moves more, the blood fat levels are usually reduced measurably very quickly. This happens even if you do not lose weight despite movement.

Elevated blood fat levels are not in themselves an unpleasant or painful disease. However, they promote the development of arteriosclerosis and consequently of heart attack and stroke.

You don't even have to move a lot to reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease. Just three 30-minute sports a week are enough to promote health.

However, if you mainly want to lose weight with the help of sport, you should move a lot more, especially if you have already passed 40.

Dietary errors << >> Sagging muscles

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