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A targeted training of the back muscles does not directly help to a slim belly. But especially for big belly wearers it is extremely important to have well developed back muscles.

The back must perform at its best for belly owners. Due to the protruding belly, the back must constantly perform a certain balancing work so that one does not fall forward. This puts a lot of strain on the back and often leads to incorrect postures.

If the back muscles are then only weakly developed, the spine remains without any supporting help from the muscles. Back pain, lumbago and damage to the intervertebral discs occur very quickly. The back complaints can disturb the well-being so lastingly that a normal, painless everyday life is hardly possible.

A large part of all back complaints can be prevented by consistent back training.

In addition, it is much faster to put the back muscles in a better condition than to make a capital belly disappear.

If you have a big belly, it is best to start back training immediately. The back problems are usually quickly alleviated or disappear completely. In this way, one can devote oneself to other sports in complete peace and quiet and gradually reduce one's belly.

There are numerous exercises with which you can strengthen your back and also numerous devices that support you in doing so.

Since the back muscles do not only consist of one muscle group, but of several muscles with different tasks, you also need different exercises to do justice to all back muscles.

To learn the most important back exercises, you can get a book or take a course.¬ You can also apply for physiotherapy if you have specific back problems. In fitness studios there are often special exercise circles for the back and usually also group courses with back exercises. DVDs with exercise instructions are suitable for practicing at home.

Thera straps, pezzi balls, gymnastics mats or a back trainer device can be valuable devices for home use. A back trainer device is particularly effective for the back extensor muscles, but requires some space when set up. However, if you are short of space, you can quickly fold it up again.

Abdominal workout << >> Endurance workout

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