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Oedema or Edema (= tissue water) can swell the abdomen, making it appear unnecessarily thick. This phenomenon has already been described in detail on previous pages.

There are many things you can do to reduce the amount of excess water in the tissues that drives the abdomen up.

For this purpose, the various causes of water retention should be treated.

In women, a common cause of abdominal water retention is estrogen dominance (see previous pages). If the estrogen dominance is treated successfully, then the accumulation of water in the abdomen is also reduced.

Salty food can also lead to oedema, including in the abdomen. Therefore, salt consumption should be moderate.

It is surprisingly helpful to drink a lot of water in order to excrete the accumulated water better.

Water acts like a light diuretic, i.e. it is diuretic.

This can be explained by the fact that, with a good water supply, the body no longer has the need to store water as a supply in the body.

There are also a number of medicinal plants with diuretic properties.

However, such medicinal plants should only be used in combination with plenty of liquids, because forcing the elimination of liquids too much without drinking enough can lead to various health disorders. The body is not sufficiently supplied with liquid and also the supply of minerals can be too low. Weakness, high blood pressure, kidney irritation and other health problems can be the result.

For diuretic drugs, the above applies to a greater extent. Even if the swollen feet, legs and belly go back a little at first due to diuretics, one damages one's health rather than that one benefits it. It would be better to treat the cause of edema, in many cases obesity, lack of exercise and heart failure.

You should only take diuretic medication if your doctor insists on it and gives a plausible reason for it.

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