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In order to be able to assess the danger of your own belly, you should not only know how thick the belly is, but also what makes the belly so thick.

If the abdomen consists mainly of external abdominal fat, then this is healthy and not very dangerous, unlike when the internal abdominal fat predominates.

Air, constipation or malnutrition can also cause the abdomen to become thicker and sometimes also an organ enlargement. None of these causes are encouraging, some can even be life-threatening, such as cancer.

If a more or less dangerous disease is the main cause of the thick stomach, then this disease should be treated. Attempts to lose weight are in the back of the line in this case and only make sense if the disease is associated with obesity, for example in the case of a nutritional enlargement of the liver.

Most abdominal wearers do not need a special diagnostic procedure to be able to assess the abdomen.

If one eats relatively much, moves rather little and has also put on fat at other places of the body, a certain belly is a natural accompaniment. Especially in men and women from the menopause, a belly can take on stately proportions.

The amount of outer abdominal fat can be estimated very easily with the hands. With both hands, the fat on the side of the belly button. When the abdominal muscles are tensed, you feel where the outer abdominal fat stops on the inside. This part of the belly is the harmless but annoying subcutaneous fat. Specialized doctors can measure the amount of external abdominal fat with special tools.

The inner abdominal fat can't be identified that easily. For an exact identification of the internal abdominal fat, a computer tomography (CT) must be carried out. Since such examinations are still very expensive, CT is usually not performed when it is only a matter of identifying the internal abdominal fat.

You can conclude on flatulence as a layman, if the belly is often stretched like a drum and hurts at the same time. If there are a lot of winds blowing, you probably have flatulence. Of course, bloating can occur simultaneously with internal and external abdominal fat, just like all other factors that can make the abdomen thicker.

Constipation can also be detected by the layman himself. If the bowel movement is often severe and the stool is very hard, then you have constipation. The degree of constipation can vary greatly.

However, a medical examination is necessary if the abdomen is mysterious.

This is the case, for example, when the rest of the body is slim to thin and only the abdomen bulges like a medicine ball.

A thorough medical examination is necessary, even if one has complaints in the stomach time and again.

The doctor can scan the abdomen and perform an ultrasound examination.

He can also have the blood tested to get more precise information about the condition of the abdomen.

If the doctor suspects that the disease is difficult to detect, a computer tomography and other special examinations can also be carried out.

Even if it is clear that the abdomen consists mainly of fatty tissue, a thorough health check at the doctor's can make sense. This check can find out how urgent it is to reduce the abdomen and whether you are fit enough to exercise.

Inner belly fat << >> Belly of man

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