Blood sugar - Glucose


The blood sugar level is a very important blood value in terms of metabolism.

Blood sugar rises after every high-carbohydrate meal and is lowered again through exercise and with the help of the hormone insulin, among other things. The blood sugar level is therefore not a fixed value, but varies depending on the time of day and the meals eaten.

If blood sugar is high even when fasting, there may be a metabolism disorder, such as insulin resistance or possibly even diabetes.

If the blood sugar level is very low, there may be reactive hypoglycaemia or even diabetes.

A disease of the sugar metabolism can lead, among other things, to increased abdominal growth.

Too much internal abdominal fat can also cause a sugar metabolism disorder.

If blood glucose levels deviate from normal values, a more thorough examination should be carried out by a doctor.

Normal blood sugar laboratory values

Below are the normal blood sugar levels:

Fasting:70-109 mg/dl
2 hours after eating:  140 mg/dl

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