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Men who tend to be overweight due to estrogen dominance or testosterone deficiency should rebalance their hormone system in order to lose weight more easily.

It is normally not necessary to artificially supply testosterone as an artificial hormone or to use drugs to block oestrogen.

In most cases, simple measures are enough to get the hormone system going again.

The most important measure to strengthen testosterone production is, you probably already suspect it if you have read the last chapters carefully: Movement.

Regular exercise significantly boosts testosterone production. A combination of strength training and endurance sports is particularly effective.

It is also helpful for testosterone production if you drink enough.

Water is particularly suitable for this. Whether you drink tap water, still bottled water or sparkling water is completely irrelevant. Here it all depends on your personal preferences. In many southern countries, however, tap water is not suitable for drinking, which should be taken into account.

In order to reduce a possible oestrogen surplus, beer should be kept to a minimum. Beer contains hops, which in turn contains plant estrogens. Therefore beer, even more than other alcoholic beverages, promotes the development of fat deposits. Since beer also contains plenty of calories due to alcohol and carbohydrates, it makes double sense not to drink beer, or at least to reduce it.

Oestrogen production is also reduced when the internal abdominal fat shrinks. The internal abdominal fat produces oestrogens.

The smaller the abdomen, the lower the estrogen production. Losing weight will therefore become easier by itself after a while.

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