Tasks of internal abdominal fat


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The tasks of the inner abdominal fat are almost obvious when you look at what the inner abdominal fat does.

The most important task of abdominal fat is the short-term storage of food energy.

In earlier times, many more people would probably have starved to death if the internal abdominal fat had not existed.

Visceral fat uses short periods of time with little exercise or a few days with an abundant food supply to grow. So reserves are quickly available again when food becomes scarce again soon.

It has worked well for millions of years and saved people through the many phases of hunger.

In the development of the human body, it could not be foreseen that there would be no hunger phase for a lifetime. Therefore, the body has optimized itself for a life with frequent periods of hunger. The internal abdominal fat is one of the results of these optimization efforts.

Only for a few decades there has been no famine in the industrialised countries. This is far too short a time for the development of the human body to adapt to a life with a constant abundant food supply.

After all, there are some people who stay slim all by themselves without having to restrain themselves when eating. Some of them remain slim despite large amounts of food and others do not have a long time after much food of their own accord. Both help to a slim body.

However, the majority of people become more or less fat in the course of their lives if they follow their desire for food.

As a result, the internal abdominal fat grows practically without limits and becomes more and more. It takes on dimensions that were never intended for internal abdominal fat.

The subcutaneous fat tissue also grows more and more in many people, but the inner abdominal fat has a stronger effect on the metabolism.

As a result of the abundant food supply, the life-saving energy store became the life-threatening pot belly.

Why the internal abdominal fat not only serves as an energy store, but also produces hormones and other substances, has not yet been clarified. However, it is clear that the inner abdominal fat is an active metabolic organ, which partly also takes over tasks for the hormone system.

This production of hormone and also that of inflammatory substances is very useful if it takes place in a healthy volume.

It is possible that the oestrogens produced support women in their fertility. In this way, fertility could be strengthened with sufficient food supply.

The increased levels of estrogens could also help to increase the application of subcutaneous fatty tissue. This would mean that good stocks of internal abdominal fat would stimulate the formation of long-term storage under the skin. This effect would then apply to both men and women.

However, these considerations on the usefulness of estrogens produced by abdominal fat are theoretical conclusions and have not yet been supported by scientific studies.

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